Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Full Moon Fire Jam

Fire 9

I really have to be better about posting here, I'm sorry. Time just always seems to slip away from me, and at the end of the day, I never really know where it went. Though sometimes it disappears into the bottomless pit that is "television". I never really got caught up in any one show, but lately I've discovered and now I'm caught up in a whole bunch of them. Then there are these night time jaunts to listen to drums and watch fire spinners dance while the mosquitoes feast on my blood. These are not very frequent, but it was very cool to experience this at the Foster Beach park in Chicago, so I'll definitely be making a point to come back and do this again.

Fire 3

I already have ideas on how to get cooler pictures next time. But for now (and it'll have to hold until I turn the TV off and get off my lazy bum again) I think these came out pretty great.

Fire 7

Fire 6

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  1. Got her from Oh Hello Friend -- these photos are AWESOME. You should keep blogging; your photos rock and more people should see them!