Thursday, January 7, 2010

Picasso in Chicago

I was walking to the train the other day from seeing Addams Family on Broadway, which was amazing, and noticed that the great Picasso statue in front of the Daley Center still had the holidays on it's mind. Everyone always photographs it from the front, which has been said to resemble a bird, horse, baboon or...ahem...a French woman who used to pose for Picasso a lot around that time. But seen from the back, it looked to me just like I was sneaking up to a man who was just realizing that I was behind him and was about to turn and see who's coming. It looks like a set of shoulders, just about to rise in defense, not knowing whether to be cautious or not. It looks like a person's face and the shape of their head and neck at the same time. Someone who you can literally see right through.

Picasso in Chicago
Isn't it fabulous how you can walk past something a dozen times and think you see and know everything there is to see, but then one day it catches you completely unaware and you see a completely new perspective. A facet previously hidden, just waiting for you to reach out of yourself and discover it. Look for it the next time you're called in for Jury Duty :D

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