Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random stop on the road

I was driving to my parent's house today and realized that I was going to miss out on the golden hour on the first sunny day we've had in a long time, so despite the fact that I was no where special, I decided to park right then and there (lucky for me there were no cars behind me, because I slammed on the breaks pretty hard) and shoot whatever I saw. I have to tell you a not-so-secret: EVERYTHING looks great in that magical golden hour. Look, it was just a fence, but in that golden light it just looks nostalgic:

Fence at sunset

And this one. In any other time of day, it's just a dried up weed. Doesn't it look pretty here though?

in the snow

or here:

winter flowers in the snow

And this would be a boring shot without that beautiful light:

wood fence

So the next time you find yourself with even an extra 5 minutes during this wonderful time, drop what you're doing and take 5 minutes to look around. You'll be amazed with how much you'll see.

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